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Flexible job opportunities with growth potential await at Easistay Recruitment—your perfect working partnership solution.
Find your dream job anywhere in the US with our successful job hunting solution. Visit our website or email us for more information.
You need experience to get a job and you need a job to get experience. Temping with Easistay gives you both.EACA

Easistay Recruitment has one of the best company cultures on the map. Our commitment is to maximizing employees happiness and finding employers that nurture creativity and innovation.

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Good Service Delivery
We are your ultimate workforce solution partner. Providing you with staffs and with on going support, to further help you retain your employees. Easistay was founded to address growing staff shortages and and reduce your financial burden; highlighting that using our organisation is cheaper than hiring your own employee.

Strategic Partners

Our recruitment process is to provide a broad menu service that identifies task requirements in an organization, and recruit the best candidate with the necessary skills required to get the task completed.

Corporate Programs

Using Easistay Recruitment, benefits you financially, making it easy for you to hire the right amount of staffing without the burden of worrying “if you can afford it”.

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Deliver Outsourced

We offer to include employment services such as payroll and our priorities have always remained the same: to benefits administration, HR management, and assistance with a employer.
One of the main reasons businesses outsource is because it is an effective way to decrease labor costs. Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing to Easistay Recruitment:
● Cheaper cost advantages
● Increased efficiency
● Focus on core areas
● Access to skilled resources
● Faster and better services
If you’re considering hiring an outsourced workforce or you are curious about the role of outsourcing in the modern business landscape, here’s a deeper look into what Easistay covers:
● Sporting Events
● Call Centers
● Hospitality
● Transporting

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With our specialist and experts staffing at your disposal, you will never need to face down time

Who we are

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    100% SUCCESS

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    Web Designer 80%
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    We Choose us as your Human Consultants

    We guarantee to save you money, whilst supplying you with skilled and experience staffs.We feel that this special functions will support your business functionality enormously and well into the future

    Saving Money

    We make it cheaper to hire us than to employ your own employees. Discover how we created such a strategy and why by contacting us here

    Staffing and Retention

    Training a staff who then leaves can be an expensive throwback. To compensate for this we offer our placement free training in most areas.

    Business Support

    We will perform tasks as part of your team back office, supporting all forms of operation to enhance your business performance.

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    They value our company as if it was their own; helping us to save money whilst having some of the best people working for us. The employees we hired from them are very experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. (Andrew)

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